Leslie’s Auto Electrical Townsville has provided solutions for the auto electrical systems in all passenger vehicles, trucks, heavy transport and the mining equipment industry since 1992

At Leslie’s we deliver a comprehensive range of the latest equipment and skilled technicians allowing us to deliver efficient and effective service to our customers.

For all passenger cars, 4x4’s, trucks and heavy equipment we can provide a service for:

• All wiring and electrical fault diagnosis and repairs
• Alternator and starter motor repairs and replacement
• Starting and charging fault diagnosis.

We can also provide valuable assistance:

• Dual battery and charging systems, spotlights, trailer plugs
• Cruise control units supply and installation
• Battery replacement
• Roadside recovery
• Fitting of emergency lighting and warning systems for specialised vehicles

At Leslie’s we consider every job to be unique and communication with the customer to be paramount to arriving at a mutually acceptable solution to every situation

View our fantastic Thunder Jump video

Couplertec electronic rustproofing

CouplerTec's Patented Capacitive Coupling Technology interferes with the electrical charge between Iron and Oxygen so it becomes hard for these elements to combine to form rust.

Air Conditioning servicing and repairs

There are factors beyond your control that could prevent your system operating at peak efficiency. It is recommended that you have your air conditioning serviced.

Truck & Heavy Equipment Mobile

This is most important for truck and heavy equipment owners. Give us a call and we can come to site to cover auto electrical failures or air conditioning repairs quickly.

Leslie’s Auto Electrical Townsville

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