When travelling throughout our Northern Australian landscape there is a need to keep your truck cabin icy cold so your sleep time is real time

You can select Eco Wind, a split system unit that is diesel powered to provide the ultimate in climate control when you sleep, keeping your sleeper at a comfortable 17-23 degrees. The system offers 3.8kw of cooling power punching out 1300BTU whilst using only 700ml of diesel every hour.

If you prefer, then consider the Viesa range of internally mounted air conditioning units designed to optimize cooling power due to protection from the sun. These units operate day or night, truck engine on/off and offer complete protection from dust thanks to the automatic vent opening system.

You can make an informed decision by considering all the benefits of our two systems… the choice is yours

Complete auto electrical services

At Leslie’s we deliver a comprehensive range of the latest equipment and skilled technicians allowing us to deliver efficient and effective service to our customers.

Air Conditioning servicing and repairs

There are factors beyond your control that could prevent your system operating at peak efficiency. It is recommended that you have your air conditioning serviced.

Couplertec electronic rustproofing

CouplerTec's Patented Capacitive Coupling Technology interferes with the electrical charge between Iron and Oxygen so it becomes hard for these elements to combine to form rust.

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