At Leslie’s we appreciate that, over time, car and truck air conditioning systems become less efficient due to external factors beyond your control

To maintain your system at peak efficiency it is recommended that you have your air conditioning serviced annually. If you suspect your air conditioning is not performing effectively or you have not had it serviced in the last 12 months give us a call today.

Diagnosis & Repair

If you have a problem with your air conditioning system in your vehicle, give us a call to arrange a full performance test and system diagnosis. By carrying out an air conditioning system diagnosis test we will be able to pin point the issue from the start.

At Leslie’s we are car air conditioning specialists providing a full understanding of air conditioning in all vehicles. Our certified and trained technicians will diagnose and repair the faults.

Car, Truck and heavy machinery services:

• Air conditioning re-gas
• Car air conditioning servicing
• Car air conditioning repairs
• Treatment for bacteria

Complete auto electrical services

At Leslie’s we deliver a comprehensive range of the latest equipment and skilled technicians allowing us to deliver efficient and effective service to our customers.

Couplertec electronic rustproofing

CouplerTec's Patented Capacitive Coupling Technology interferes with the electrical charge between Iron and Oxygen so it becomes hard for these elements to combine to form rust.

Truck & Heavy Equipment Mobile

This is most important for truck and heavy equipment owners. Give us a call and we can come to site to cover auto electrical failures or air conditioning repairs quickly.

Leslie’s Auto Electrical Townsville

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